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Clearing Up the Hype Behind 3D Printing

Dubbed ‘Manufacturing 2.0’ and a prominent member of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) club, 3D printing has exploded onto the scene ever since the patents for two of its key technologies expired at the end of the 2000s, ushering in a score of service suppliers and printer manufacturers in the marketplace. Simply search “3d prints” […]
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Are You “PRO” Prototypes? If Not, Here Are Some Reasons That May Change Your Mind

With rapid prototyping (RP) constituting the bulk of all 3D printing applications, we at Axis Prototypes thought it would be a good idea to spell out why RP has become so attractive among manufacturers, laboratories, and product marketing companies. To confirm what we already knew about the benefits of RP, we interviewed engineers and industrial […]
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Axis rapid prototypes helps Teknion win best of NEOCON Award for FXTM accessories

Montreal, Quebec, Canada July 26 2010 — When folks in the product development industry think of additive manufacturing applications, office furniture seldom comes to mind. Many of us are still under the guise that this technology is only cost effective for smaller complex objects. By partnering with avant-garde companies such as Teknion who are willing […]
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Guru Bikes creates rapid prototype for tradeshow to pre-book orders

Montreal, Quebec, Nov 11, 2009 – When Michael McGinn, head of design at Guru bikes, needed a Rapid Prototype of the new CRONO 2.0 bicycle, he called AXIS prototypes, Canada’s largest rapid prototype / rapid manufacturing service center.   The GURU product development team had just finished design of their new CRONO 2.0 bike when […]
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Axis Prototypes creates architectural model of telescope, building & facilities

Axis Prototypes is pleased to be working with the Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy (ACURA) for the realization of a 1:144 scale model of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project. This model is one of Canada’s contributions to TMT, an international partnership involving ACURA, The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the […]
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Axis Prototypes delivers large bug eyes for the montreal insectarium

Montreal, Quebec, Aug 24, 2009 — AXIS Prototypes, working closely with Prisme 3, a prominent Montreal arts design company, delivered two large replicas of dragonfly eyes to the Montreal Insectarium for the grand opening of the new discovery space “BuzzGround” . Built using a clear resin with rapid prototyping technologies, this project is a key […]
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The Future of 3D Printing in Dental Offices

Every year, millions of adults and children receive dental implants. While these implants may be used for a variety of reasons, people often receive dental implants after dental trauma, to correct a hereditary dental problem or for aesthetic reasons. Most modern dentists must create a physical mold in order to create dentures or an artificial […]
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3D Printing Used to Develop Bicycles

The subject of 3D printing has spent the last year gaining a lot of new attention. What was once a niche field with limited capacities is now starting to find its way into a variety of different industries and applications. One area where 3D printing has started to find increased use is in bicycle development. […]
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Benefits of 3D Printing

The world of 3D printing is still in its infancy. Printing in three dimensions has always been something found in science fiction, but never thought possible until recent years. The ability to print an object in its entirety and hold it in your hands is still quite the technological marvel. While the practice of 3D […]
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3D Printing and the Future of Orthopedics

Slowly but surely, 3D printers are revolutionizing the world. While most of the population is enjoying the ability to create instant prototypes, spare appliance parts or one-of-a kind art projects, the medical world has been looking at ways to use 3D printers to turn debilitating conditions into minor inconveniences. Particularly in the field of orthopedics, […]
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